World Gold Medal - Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

In may 2021, the French agency Agence Pour La Valorisation des Produits Agricoles awarded the gold medal to our avocado oil. We are proud to continue improving the quality of our oil year after year. (High Quality Gourmet Recognition 2018, «World Bronze Medal 2019, World Silver Medal 2020 ). Situations that must be considered to ensure the safety of consumers.


PrimusGFS sets voluntary requirements for certification and is focused on the food safety of those products in the agricultural sector intended for human consumption. It also establishes a series of requirements for the management of production, manipulation, storage processing and operations, as well as situations that must be considered to ensure the safety of consumers.

Food Safety – Sanitary Control – HACCP

HACCP is a tool to identify hazards and establish control systems focused on prevention instead of concentrating on the analysis of the final product.

Non GMO – Project Standard

As we are concerned about the future of the Michoacán countryside, we make an effort to generate sustainable productive projects. Free of genetic changes composition or modifications in a laboratory using genetic engineering or transgenic technology, our inputs are evaluated to comply with the non-GMO project standard.


Good agricultural practices are designed primarily to provide confidence to the consumer about the way agricultural production is carried out. As well, it minimizes the impact of the exploitation of the environment, reducing the use of chemical inputs and ensuring an ideal environment to save the health and safety of workers.


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